I think writing a middle grade novel is like pulling apart an onion. Every time you master a new layer, there is another right below. But eventually you get to the heart and master the craft.

That is what I would like to contribute via this blog: the layers that go deeper beyond stating things like a middle grade novel needs a hook, rising action, a moment of darkness, and then a wrap up.  2018 Update: I find this hilarious. I wrote the sentence/s next to this one three years ago. It was a great idea, I suppose. But executing it became paralyzing (What if I wrote something stupid? What if I made a spelling error? Or worse, what if my idea about something was wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!)

I have thought a long time about starting a blog but I delayed because there are so many informative ones available. But eventually I did find a gap. I wished there was one resource I could go to for specific examples and information on the finer points of writing a middle grade novel (versus going to multiple sources over many years). I settled on doing just that. In this blog I am going to focus on middle grade novel writing and the first chapter in particular. (Update: I am still going to do this… I hope.)

The goal is to give concrete examples of writing that hung me up, essentially the types of information I wish I had found in one resource. By this I mean down-in-the-dirt, walking-through-weeds, the-devil’s-in-the-specifics type of writing (I do heart some clichés). I will also share my favorite blogs and books. (Update: Maybe I will do this. I hope I will do this. Note: I really like the word hope. It has so much possibility doesn’t it? BUT It is hard to think about writing a blog when you are busy writing picture books and middle grade novels, working with your CPs, and attending conferences…. Oh Wait!!! There’s also that thing called life… I should probably participate in that too. So hope seems apropos here…)

My plan is that my posts will help you (and me) in our journey to create a well-written middle grade novel. Feel free to take what works, and leave the rest behind.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about topics, please email me. (Update: YES! Then I won’t have to write something)

Guest posts are welcome! (Update: See above)

And one warning, I may post an occasional picture or two that I take with my camera. I love animals and nature. (Update: Totally. I am still doing this).


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